Ludovic Orban explains resignation


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Resigning PM Ludovic Orban has avoided to say if it was President Klaus Iohannis who had asked for his resignation, saying the resignation is a personal decision.
Repeatedly asked by journalists, Orban stated that he had decided to resign after he had seen the results of PNL at the parliamentary elections.

The resigning premier explained he had considered as a “an honourable gesture” to step down in order to prove that he is not clinging to the PM position. “I considered he resignation is an act of honour and dignity after these elections. It is a natural decision to show I am not clinging to the PM position, to show that I took account of the expressed will”.

 Asked if he would like to be nominated for the PM office again, Ludovic Orban replied that he had made it very clear that he stepped down and has no intention for a new PM term.

“I resigned and I do not intend to be PM again. We need stability, we have to focus on a parliamentary majority that should have a very serious program to lead to Romania’s growth. When we have an agreement on a potential proposal for PM we’ll let you know”, Orban said.

He pointed out that the National Liberal Party had calculated the distribution of seats in parliament and a parliamentary majority without PSD is possible.

According to Orban, PNL will have 41 senators and 95 deputies, but these are not final figures.
The latest data released by BEC out of 96.43% counted votes, PNL obtained 25.58% in the Senate and 25.1% in the Chamber of Deputies.
Romania’s Parliament has 136 senators and 329 deputies.

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