Ludovic Orban to resign from the PNL group in parliament, to vote ‘no’ Ciuca Gov’t


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Former PNL president Ludovic Orban announced on Thursday evening that he will resign from the PNL parliamentary group next week, saying that the nomination of Nicolae Ciuca, imposed on the Liberals by President Klaus Iohannis, is “the last straw”.

“I will definitely vote against Ciuca Government, for me it is the last straw. Next week I will resign from the PNL parliamentary group. I consider that a politician must be faithful to the citizen who entrusted his vote”, Orban said.

“For me, Iohannis and the illegitimate leadership, the demolition gang, have seriously betrayed the interests of the citizens. They put Romania’s future into brackets and Romania’s chance for development with a coalition that had a governing program. Now, practically all the agreements are blown up and I cannot find any rational explanation for the totally harmful behavior to the interests of Romania of President Iohannis.”

“The ink of Mr. Ciuca’s adhesion form to PNL is not even dried yet. He is part of the category of people who reach positions without having a political career behind them. Iohannis is also an example in this regard “, Ludovic Orban told B1TV.

The former Liberal chairman also accused that President Iohannis’ decision to impose Nicolae Ciuca as PM, “following a deal with PSD” represents “a serious betrayal” of the Romanians who voted Iohannis and PNL.

“Today, through a minority government invested at PSD’s mercy, without a parliamentary majority to endorse the needed reforms, it will be just a ruling without any capacity of proceeding with the reforms, of enabling Romania’s growth”, Orban argued.

Ludovic Orban, who lost his term as PNL chairman at the Congress of September 25, announced at the time that his partnership with President Klaus Iohannis had ended. Orban has repeatedly accused his successor, Florin Cîțu, but also the head of state, of being “the main culprit for triggering the political crisis”.

On October 13, Ludovic Orban resigned from the position of Chamber of Deputies speaker obtained in December 2020.

PNL deputy Florin Roman, the interim Chamber Speaker and part of the Florin Citu’s team, has slammed Ludovic Orban, accusing him of “maximum hypocrisy”, while asking him to also resign from the MP position.

He (Orban) is upset that he is not the PNL chairman and the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies anymore! And he talks about honour!. Honour means to not betray the party that gave you everything! And if you do that, Mr. Ludovic Orban at least you will also resign from the position of deputy elected on the PNL lists. Do you have this kind of honour”, Roman said.

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