MAE accuses the desecration of the Romanian State’s emblems in Budapest under the Hungarian police’s watching eye

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The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) urges the Hungarian counterpart to abstain from provocations and from escalating the tensions, including through the presence at Valea Uzului Cemetery. It also requests on Hungarian authorities to start an investigation regarding the culprits for desecrating the Romanian emblems at the Embassy in Budapest, under the watching eye of the Hungarian Police.

“The Foreign Affairs Ministry firmly rejects the accusations and the unacceptable language used by the official in Budapest, asking the Hungarian party to abstain from provocations and from escalating the tensions, fueled by the presence at the international cemetery in Valea Uzului of a high official from Hungary – present without an official invitation from the Romanian party – and by a distorted presentation of the situation in Valea Uzului,” MAE says in a release.

MAE also underlines that the cemetery is international and “any state has the right to commemorate the heroes buried there.” MAE added that the law enforcing officers have ensured public order and said there was no violence between the participants or between the participants and the gendarmes, reports.

“The Romanian party remains open to dialogue to identify, in a constructive and balanced way, the practical solutions to be accepted by the entire local community, Romanians and Hungarians alike. (…) MAE reminds that on June 7 it has sent a verbal note to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry expressing firm protest for the desecration, again, of Romanian State emblems, during an unauthorized rally at the Romanian Embassy of some extremist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic groups in Hungary: The Movement of the 64 counties and Mi Hazank party,” the source reads.

MAE says it is revolting that the desecration took place under the watching eye of the Hungarian Police and that the Budapest authorities did not prevent the desecration, despite the requests from the Romanian State. It also imperatively requests the Hungarian authorities to condemn with all legal means available such deeds and to start with celerity an investigation regarding the culprits and the passivity of the Police teams.

“MAE urges the Budapest authorities to abstain from any gesture that could build up the situation. Referring to the invitation addressed to the Romanian Ambassador, we stress that the meeting was not turned down by the Romanian party, which proposed that the meeting takes place on Monday, June 11,” MAE informs.

More than 1,000 Hungarians formed a human chain on Thursday around the Heroes Cemetery in Valea Uzului, saying they are thus peacefully protesting against the illegalities committed by the Mayor of Dărmăneşti. Representatives of some Romanian organizations came at the Heroes Cemetery to celebrate the Heroes Day but they were kept away by the human chain formed by Hungarian ethnics and by an impressive number of law enforcement officials. Several Romanian citizens pushed the gendarmes, broke their alignment, broke the gate and broke into the cemetery.

However, the Romanian Gendarmerie retorted that there has been no violence among participants and the riot police, yet mentioning that the gendarmes will check if any crosses have been destroyed.

The Hungarian Government has sent a protest note to the Romanian Government, a release from Foreign Ministry in Budapest reads. Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó contacted his Romanian counterpart Teodor Melescanu by phone and asked the Romanian side not to react to “provocations” and to take every precaution to avoid violence.

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry in Budapest has summoned Romania’s Ambassador to Hungary on Friday to explain the incidents in the cemetery of Valea Uzului. Marius Lazurca, the Romanian Ambassador to Hungary, did not turn out on Friday at the Hungarian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

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