Maia Sandu, nominated for “2022 Woman of the Year” by the Financial Times


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The President of the Republic of Moldova Maia Sandu was nominated for the title of “Woman of the Year 2022” by the readers of the economic newspaper Financial Times, according to TVR Moldova and PRO TV Chisinau.

There are very few politicians in the world who face such great challenges as Maia Sandu, the president of the Republic of Moldova, and her country: a major influx of refugees, the fight against corrupt oligarchs with ties to Russia, a major energy crisis that throws the country in the dark every time Russia bombs Ukraine, forcing it to make superhuman efforts to find alternative energy sources, a constant security threat, and the list goes on,” the description reads.

On Wednesday, Maia Sandu received the “Madeleine K. Albright” award from the US National Institute for Democracy. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and other European leaders were also honored by the institute “for their efforts to promote and protect democracy in their countries, their region and beyond.”

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