Maia Sandu – the new President of R. of Moldova following overwhelming vote. Iohannis to pay visit to Chisinau

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Maia Sandu, the pro-European candidate for the Moldovan President seat has won by an overwhelming vote on Sunday, according to official results. Maia Sandu thus becomes the first woman president of the Republic of Moldova.

Maia Sandu has already 15 percent ahead her contender, pro-Russian Igor Dodon. Sandu has 57.63%, while Dodon remains at 42.37% after the votes in almost all polling stations have been counted, except from three from Diaspora.

Maia Sandu has obtained 59.7% of votes in the capital of Chisinau, while Dodon- 40.3%. The vote in Diaspora was though be far overwhelming-92.86%, while Dodon got only 7.14%.

Maia Sandu has  also won the first round of election two weeks ago.

Sandu though has to face a Parliament with a hostile majority, with political analysts forecasting early parliamentary elections in Chisinau in the upcoming period.

Mai Sandu, born in May 1972, is a Moldovan politician, the current leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity, and former Prime Minister of Moldova.

The President-elect Maia Sandu said in her first statement after the final results had been announced that courage is needed to enhance the state institutions so that they can go beyond group interests.

“We need courage and involvement, we need positive patriotic spirit (…) Over the years, I want Moldova not to be associated anymore with poverty, corruption and immigration”, she said in her first public outing.

Iohannis first who congratulates Maia Sandu

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has been the first head of state who congratulated Maia Sandu for her victory.

“I congratulate Maia Sandu for winning the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova! The Moldovan citizens chose to continue the European democratic path, a path of progress! Romania will remain next to the Republic of Moldova in its real efforts to modernize, democratize and to get near the EU”, the Romanian President posted on Twitter.

Later on , the Romanian Presidential Administration informed that President Klaus Iohannis had talken on the phone with Maia Sandu and that Iohannis will pay a visit to Chisinau after Sandu takes over her term as president.

The two officials agreed on the phone that the main goal in the bilateral relations is the extension and boos of the Strategic Partnership for the Republic of Moldova’s integration in the European Union.

Russia concedes Maia Sandu’s victory

Kremlin’s spokesperson Dmitri Peskov has stated on Monday that Russia respect the choice of the Moldova people, while voicing hope they could establish a working relation with Maia Sandu.


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