Many called for hearings at the inquiry committee on the 2009 elections, few attending

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The inquiry parliamentary committee to probe into the 2009 presidential elections was to hear Emil Boc, Adriean Videanu, Radu Berceanu (photo), Gheorghe Flutur, but also Dan Şova, Dan Nica, Dan Radu Ruşanu on Tuesday.

The committee chairman, Social Democrat Mihai Fifor yet announced that part of the people invited for hearings wouldn’t come. Fifor said that former Democrat Liberal premier Emil Boc is currently on visit to China and would come next week, former Democrat Liberal minister Adriean Videanu had given no answer, while Dan Sova and Dan Radu Rusanu would come on Wednesday.

Secretary of state in the Department for Diaspora, PMP leader Eugen Tomac, Liberal Suceava county council leader Gheorghe Flutur (who coordinated the ex-president Basescu’s presidential campaign in 2009) and former PDL Transport minister Radu Berceanu were eventually the only ones heard on Tuesday.

“Mr. Emil Boc told us he is on a visit to China and will come next week. This week we start with Mr. Gheorghe Flutur, then with Mr. Eugen Tomac, with Mr. Radu Berceanu. He had a problem with who is going to pay for his transport fees, but I understood he had solved this problem and would come for hearings. We sent an invitation to Mr. Adriean Videanu, but he hasn’t answered it,” Fifor said.

He added that Radu Berceanu has “a special way to express in the public space”, saying invitations for hearings are also made my SMS, as Berceanu had told the press.

Berceanu told journalists that he has been invited for hearings through SMS, and he asked also by SMS who is going to pay for the fun, explaining that, as far as he knows, “he who is having fun must also pay for it”. Berceanu said he had no problem with paying, but with the way “these things are done”.

Berceanu: Ask Dan Andronic about his fees as political adviser and taxes

Berceanu told the journalists before entering the hearing that he knows about the fees asked by Dan Adronic as political adviser in 2009, but added Andronic should be asked why he had attended the meeting at Gabriel Oprea’s place, how much money has he taken and what fees has he paid.

Berceanu also accused Dan Andronic that he has never known anything about electoral campaigns, as he has never coordinated one or run as a candidate. “But I know the fees and I don’t recall that any of you has ever asked him < When you went to that meeting, did you like it? What were you? Adviser? And what about the money, the taxes? You have to ask him about that,” Berceanu said, adding he is referring to the fees usually required by political advisers, Dan Andronic included. However, he avoided telling how much were the fees.

The inquiry committee will not hold any hearings on Thursday and Emil Boc and former SRI director George Maior will be heard next week.

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