May 10, declared national holiday

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The Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday decided that May 10 to be a day of national holiday. The date marks three historical moments: the beginning of King Carol I reign, state independence and the coronation of the first king of the country.

Deputies have passed the bill with 294 votes to one and six abstentions.

The draft stipulates that the Parliament, Romania’s President and the Government, as well as the other central institutions should organize events on this day, depending on the existent budgetary funds.

The bill has been initially vetoed by the Senate, but the lower chamber passed it, as it is the decision-making body.

May 10 used to be the King’s Day, Romania’s national day, during 1866 and 1916 and also during 1918-1947. In 1917 it was banned due to the German occupation, while in 1947 was definitively banned by the communist regime after King Mihai I was forced to abdicate. National day was usually celebrated through a battle of flowers.

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