Memorandum on relocating Romania’s embassy to Jerusalem needs signature of one secretary of state to be declassified

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The memorandum on relocating Romania’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem needs the signature of only one secretary of state in order to be declassified. After that, the memorandum will be sent to the Parliament, to the Presidential Administration and to the Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Melescanu said on Tuesday.

“This document has been drafted together with all the ministries (…) and it currently needs only one signature of a secretary of state within the Foreign Ministry. After that, we’ll present it to the Presidency, to the speakers of the two chambers of the Parliament and to the prime minister, to have a basis for a serious discussion on the topic,” said FM Melescanu in a press conference.

On April 19 this year, PSD chairman announced on Antena 3 private broadcaster that the Government had adopted a memorandum to relocated Romania’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, arguing this action “has a tremendous value for the American Administration”, because Romania would be the second state after the U.S. that proceeds on the relocation.

After chairman of the ruling Social Democrat Party Liviu Dragnea announced that Romania’s Embassy in Israel would be relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis retorted he hadn’t been informed or consulted about the Government’s intention to relocate the embassy.

Romania’s President has not been previously informed or consulted about this step. The Presidential Administration stresses this decision is not based on solid and thorough assessments. Such a step can be taken only following a deep analysis that should consider all of its consequences and foreign policy implications”, a Presidential Administration press release said.

President Iohannis argued the Romanian Executive’s initiative can represent “only the start of an assessment process, which can be concluded only when the negotiations for the Peace Process in the Middle East end”.

This statute can be established only following the conclusion of a direct and final agreement between the parties. The President, as holder of Romania’s foreign policy decisions and as Romania’s representative worldwide, in compliance with the constitutional provisions, reiterates that our country’s constant stance regarding the Peace Process in the Middle East remains unaltered. President Klaus Iohannis underlines again the need of a just long-term resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, by implementing the <two states solution>, Israel and Palestina, which should coexist in peace and security, as the only viable option, capable of guaranteeing the achievement of the parties’ aspirations. President of Romania reaffirms that our country’s stance to the Jerusalem’s statute remains in compliance with the stance agreed by the resolutions of the UN Security Council and of the UN General Assembly,” further read the release.

The Presidential Administration reminded that the UN resolutions were asking, among other others, the UN member states to abstain from settling diplomatic missions to Jerusalem and to intensify international efforts for a sustainable, just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East. Therefore, the Presidency points out that in this stage, relocating Romania’s embassy to Jerusalem would represent a breach of the relevant international law.

Later on, President Iohannis also called PM Viorica Dancila for explanations over this issue, saying Dancila hadn’t answered the phone.

The premier retorted she had attended The Tulips Symphony in Pitesti and hadn’t been aware of the President’s call, but later on mass media released photos from Pitesti showing the premier carrying the mobile phone in her hand all through the event. The PM called President Iohannis back three hours later.

Asked to comment the phone incident, President Iohannis said: “You know, if the prime minister were a man, I would say something to him. As the PM is a lady, I abstain”.

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