MEP asks Romanian officials to present actions regarding the file on triggering article 7 against Hungary

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The MEP who initiated the procedures to trigger article 7 against Hungary, Judith Sargentini, has asked Romanian ministers in Brussels to provide the measures taken to advance the sensitive file against Hungary, considering Romania has been at the helm of the EU Council for three months, Digi 24 reported, quoting

Romania’s lack of reaction on this file would be the reason that made Judith Sargentini accusing the Romanian officials that they have no plan and that they would probably do nothing to solve this case.

I contacted 3-4 Romanian ministers last weeks and it seems they don’t have any plan to continue this file. I have the impression they will do nothing”, the MEP said.

Also known as the nuclear option, article 7 is the tool that the European Union can use to punish the member states that don’t observe the European values.

Hungary has been eyed after the government led by Viktor Orban had taken several decisions to restrict the mass media and the NGOs independence, to violate the rights of the minorities and of the refugees and the values of the rule of law.

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