MEP Catalin Ivan files request to the Socialist group in the European Parliament to exclude PSD

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MEP Catalin Ivan has sent on Monday a request to exclude PSD from the European Socialists Group in the European Parliament, as well as his resignation as of October 1, in the eventuality no decision is made regarding the rally on August 10, in Bucharest.

The Romanian MEP says a month has passed since the rally and no reaction was noticed, this is unacceptable. “This is a way to support Liviu Dragnea’s regime and then my place is not with this political group,” Ivan wrote on his Facebook page.

He has attached the petitions requesting the PSD exclusion from the European Socialists Group, signed by more than 100,000 Romanians and news in English from the Romanian media presenting the violence in Victoriei Square on August 10, reports.

Ivan argues the letter is written “on behalf of the fight for democracy in Romania, against corruption and mainly for the country’s maintaining the European path.”

“It should be mentioned that the PSD chairman, the Prime Minister, the Interior Minister and the chief of Gendarmerie are all from Teleorman County, all of the having the quality of obedience to Liviu Dragnea.

The Romanian MEP claims “the weapons and techniques used by the Gendarmerie were out of the law, but not illegal, an investigation being ongoing” and that Romanian democracy has suffered a heavy blow.

“I believe that, after 15 years of left-wing policy and 9 years of work for this group to promote values such as freedom, solidarity, social equity and fight against corruption, any day PSD still remains in this group means discrediting our joint efforts hitherto,” Catalin Ivan’s message reads.

In August MEP Catalin Ivan announced that he will file a request to exclude PSD from the European Socialists Group in the European Parliament this autumn, a request accompanied by a report on the “actions of this criminal group in defending the corrupt people.”

On the same day, ‘Die Press’ reported that Beate Meinl-Reisinger, an Austrian politician, has asked that Romanian party ALDE, forming the ruling coalition with the Social Democrat Party (PSD), should be excluded from the European Group Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.


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