MEP Elmar Brok says activation of Article 7 should be considered for Romania

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German MEP Elmar Brok has warned the European Social-Democrats that they should seriously consider the possible activation of Article 7 in the case of Romania, an extreme measure decided so far only for Poland and Hungary. The statement was made for the German publication ‘Welt am Sonntag’, reports.

Asked by Europa FM about the issue, the MEP says the Romanian Government wants to change the legal framework. “This means pressures on courts. They want to eliminate the judiciary’s capacity to fight against corruption and this means the violation of the EU’s main values. It’s a case similar to Hungary and Poland. (…) Any Government should observe the principles of the EU treaties,” Elmar Brosk said.

Asked about the activation of Article 7, the German MEP added: “We, the EPP, have asked for this, but I believe the Socialists do not have the strength to do the same thing in the case of Romania.”

Elmar Brok is the longest serving Member of the European Parliament (since 1980) and former chair of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

He is the first MEP who explicitly requests the activation of Article 7 of the EU Treaty against Romania.

In turn, Ska Keller, co-chair of the Green Group, says that Romania can only be sanctioned with Article 7, but that there is no consensus on this issue, which would be far too politicized, informs.

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