MEP Monica Macovei rolls out M10 new party


MEP Monica Macovei, former Democrat Liberal member and former independent presidential candidate in 2014, on Sunday launched a new political party, M10, in the presence of over 100 supporters, most of them youngsters.

Macovei said that M10 is set to end the vicious circle in the incumbent politics, which appears like “a blood pus.” She continued that at this moment we are facing a “corruption tsunami” that must be destroyed so that “the stolen money” should return to citizens.

“We are facing a wave. O political class of thieves, of lies, we are facing a corruption tsunami, a theft tsunami from our money (…),” Macovei argued, stressing that her new party is the only one “to go on the straight path” and has nothing to do with the incumbent political class.

Adrian Papahagi, one of the founding members of the party, also slammed corruption and incompetence inside politics. “We have to create an anti-system party to oppose the rottenness in this country, a party that should finally represent the alternative for all this trash that we are all tired of (…) We cannot see anymore this play where all impostors, all ungrammatical persons, all plagiaries, all idiots and all bimbos are playing the leading part,” Papahagi said.

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