MEP Siegfried Mureşan to move from PMP to PNL, PMP requests his resignation from the European Parliament

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Siegfried Mureşan, MEP elected to the People’s Movement Party’s lists, is to move to PNL, political sources say.

Mureşan is the spokesman for the European People’s Party, the largest political group in the European Parliament.

The National Liberal Party is also a member of the EPP family, reports.

The People’s Movement Party requests the resignation of MEP Siegfried Mureşan from the European Parliament, saying he has negotiated with the PNL, and the Liberals “guaranteed him an eligible seat on the lists for the Euro-parliamentary elections” in 2019.

“We are informed that young MEP Siegfried Muresan has concluded negotiations and opted for the National Liberal Party, which guaranteed him an eligible place on the lists for next year’s European Parliament elections. Given the high moral principles that have so far been revealed in the public space and in the relations within PMP by MEP Siegfried Mureşan, we strongly request him to resign from the European Parliament so that the party can nominate the next candidate from the 2014 election list. We make this request so that PMP maintains its representation in the European Parliament. We hope that Siegfried Muresan will not get compromised by continuing to occupy a seat that was won by vote on the PMP list,” the release from the PMP reads.

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