Mihai Fifor joins the internal PSD race for Romanian presidential election

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Former Defence minister Mihai Fifor, currently the spokesperson of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD), has announced on Monday he would run for the Romanian presidency. A day before, Fifor disclosed he is “seriously” considering a candidature for the President seat while posting a comment slamming the manner in which the prosecutor had acted in the case of the little girl adopted by a Romanian family established in the USA.

“I have decided to join the internal race to run for Romania’s Presidency on behalf PSD. For Romania needs consensus, construction and dialogue. We must snap out of this mad state of conflict, division, and permanent shooutout,” said Fifor in a Facebook post, slamming the incumbent head of state.

The incumbent president has missed his mediator and integrator role. He has become the main bearer of a social hatred speech, has applauded injuries, promoted personal attacks and has climbed down the political language to the lowest level (…) Out of his obsessive desire to kick PSD, Klaus Iohannis has been the only EU head of state who said his country doesn’t deserve to lead Europe, the only head of state who blocked the budget of his own country, blocked the Parliament and the Government (…)”, Fifor said, arguing he wants to be a president of all Romanians,  “to revive the feeling of national unity, dignity and honour”.

I want to be a president who render the common sense and decency in the Romanian policy, a president to unite, to build and put together the energies of this nation”, he argued.

Three Social Democrats have joined so far the internal race to designate the PSD candidate for the presidential election: Finance minister Eugen Teodorovici, senator Şerban Nicolae and deputy Liviu Pleşoianu.

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