Mihai Tudose, PSD’s campaign manager for local elections

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Recently back to PSD from Pro Romania, Mihai Tudose has been appointed, next to Claudiu Manda, to coordinate the PSD campaign for local elections. Tudose vowed that there will be a strict selection of the candidates, claiming that “not a single person who has final criminal sentence” will run on the party’s lists.

PSD interim leader Marcel Ciolacu ordered Tudose and Manda to come up with the campaign staff by Wednesday.

Mihai Tudose said that PSD must come before the voters with “serious people, praised by the community”, and that the selection of the candidates will be rigorous in this regard.
“We are not running from work, neither me nor Mr Manda, and we’ll try our best so that the news PSD will look like it supposed to be. The selection of the candidates for city halls will be tough. I understand the Liberals are struggling to look for a candidate to beat Firea (Bucharest City Hall). We don’t want candidates to start battles, but some who will do something for the community, to be appreciated by the community. Not a single person who had been criminally convicted will run under the PSD logo. This must be forgotten“, Tudose said, according to debraila.ro.


PSD Congress might take place on February 29

Marcel Ciolacu has announced that PSD will decide the date of the Congress to elect new leadership after consultation with the local organizations and that the congress will be most probably set for February 29. Ciolacu added he will decide next week if he is running or not for the party’s helm.

No PSD member or leader has voiced intention to run for the top position so far, with several voices from the party yet revealing endorsement for Marcel Ciolacu, like Gabriela Firea.

PSD barons, allegedly in favor of early elections

During the PSD Executive National Committee on Monday, most of the Social Democrat leaders have endorsed the idea of early elections, with sources from the party disclosing that the most vocal leaders in favour of snap elections have been Paul Stanescu, the leader of PSD Olt branch and Olguta Vasilescu from Craiova.

The same sources claimed that the coming strategy of PSD is not to block the investiture vote of the Orban Cabinet II, even if they will also challenge Orban’s re-nomination to the Constitutional Court.

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