Ministers of Dancila cabinet, wealth statements – houses, jewelry, cars and debts


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The wealth statements of the ministers in Viorica Dancila cabinet revel that some have many houses or jewelry, others have debts.

Several issues may be found below, as presented by

  • PM Viorica Dancila – rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches worth EUR 5,000.
  • Gratiela Gavrilescu – Minister of Environment – a hybrid car worth EUR 35,000-40,000.
  • Ana Birchall – Justice Minister – five houses, jewelry worth EUR 46,000, one gold ingot, accounts of USD 218,595, RON 76,694 and EUR 26,953.
  • Teodor Melescanu – Foreign Minister – watches worth EUR 11,500, has a wage of EUR 2,677 per month and a pension of EUR 1,900 per month.
  • Eugen Teodorovici – Minister of Finance – three houses and one apartment in Bucharest. It has accessed loans of EUR 768,370, and has revenues from rents of EUR 36,000.
  • Petre Daea – Minister of Agriculture – has bought in 2019 an apartment in Bucharest. He has icons, crosses and paintings worth EUR 2,750.
  • Marius Budăi- Minister of Labour – has a plot of land + home through the First House credit program, accessed a loan of RON 302,470.
  • Nicolae Bădălău – Minister of Economy, house on 863 sqm, jewelry, diamonds worth EUR 25,000. He has no debts.
  • Răzvan Cuc – Transport Minister – eight houses in Giurgiu and Bucharest.
  • Ioan Deneş – Minister of Waters and Forests – has no bank accounts, no loans.


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