Ministers Shhaideh, Plumb and Cuc resign from the Government

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Deputy PM and minister for Regional Development Sevil Shhaideh and minister of European Funds Rovana Plumb are to resign from the Government over reshuffle debate and charges in the Belina file. PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said after the Executive Committee meeting which lasted almost six hours on Thursday night that they had filed their resignations since the anti-corruption prosecutors announced the investigation in this file and that they could not be convinced not to resign and so, “almost everybody left upset” from the CEx meeting. A new CEx meeting is scheduled today.

According to Dragnea, many Social Democrats brought arguments that the two ministers should stay in office, but they maintained decisions to resign. He also said that Transports minister Razvan Cuc filed his resignation. Dragnea praised his activity, yet adding there have been communication problems.

They maintained decision to resign, arguing they would not question the PSD’s capacity to stay in rule,” Dragnea stated.

The SocDec chair revealed that there was also the possibility that the PM should resign, but eventually the option was ruled out.

“I have discussed at some point the possibility that he (Mihai Tudose) to file his resignation. I told him he cannot consider that. We have talked several times and we found out that we had communicated badly, that we cannot make such mistakes again to put the party, the coalition and the government in such a situation. We had to learn from this situation. Many left the meeting upset,” Dragnea said, adding that PM Tudose is a good, efficien premier, who has his mistakes.

He also disclosed that there were “well-meaning” people outside the party who had influenced the leaders, stressing this should not happen anymore. “The party hung in the balance,” Dragnea said. He also delivered a message to “the well-meaning” persons: “Don’t any institution think that this party allows itself to be subdued in the political and government activity.”

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