Ministers swore into office. President Iohannis: I expect the new Gov’t to solve some urgent matter

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PM Ludovic Orban and his ministers have sworn into office in a ceremony at Cotroceni Palace on Monday evening after the investiture vote in Parliament. President Klaus Iohannis said he expects the new Government to solve some very urgent matter, such as the budgetary execution, the budget draft law, to resume debates on the justice laws and to continue the anti-corruption fight.

Mr. PM, dear members of the government, you will have a relatively short term in office, but I expect this new government to solve some very urgent issues, namely to conclude the budget for 2019, to prepare the budget for 2020, to resume discussions on the justice laws, in order to repair the damage that the PSD made in the judiciary. We must also endorse the anti-corruption fight again, we must prepare and put into practice the elections of a very transparent, fair, efficient way. Your involvement is very much needed,” Iohannis said at the investiture ceremony of the members of the Orban Cabinet.

He pointed out that the upcoming elections must be “very well prepared.”

“This is an important victory, a great victory, but still only a temporary victory. Presidential elections are ahead of us, they are extremely important for Romania, after that the local elections and maybe even parliamentary elections, and I mean here the possibility of early elections. All these need to be prepared very well in logistic terms, in political terms, to give Romanians the chance to choose the best option,” the head of state underlined.

Iohannis advised the new Executive to secure the necessary endorsement in Parliament.

This new mandate that you are starting is a tough one, but it an bring a lot of satisfaction for the parties involved and for the Romanians. Even if this is a one-colour minority government, I would like you to secure the support you need in the Romanian Parliament, to put your projects into practice and, very important, to put an end to the disaster the PSD government l has left behind. I am already afraid of what the new ministers will find in the ministries,” President Iohannis noted.

He further slammed the former PSD government as being a “toxic” one.

This is the end of the PSD government that lasted almost 3 years, in all its different versions. They were all toxic governments for the Romanians, for Romania, they did a lot of damage and blocked very many projects of Romania. It is good that we end this phase today and we have the chance to have a government that I hope will have the endorsement of  the Parliament to start rebuilding and bringing Romania back on track. I  have said before and I say it again: Romania could have been in a far better situation right now; Romania could have had more highways, more schools, more hospitals and more EU-funded projects enforced. In the past 30 years, Romania hasn’t been able to develop more and better because of the PSD. This change that happened today is the result of an effort that cost us a lot during the past 3 years, and we have finally succeeded, with the Opposition’s support. However, we must be aware that this success was mainly triggered by the people’s will,” said Iohannis.

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