Mircea Geoana sends open letter to Liberal leaders: Time has no more patience with us

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Senator Mircea Geoana has sent on Tuesday an open letter addressed to Liberal leaders Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga, proposing the setting up of a joint working group PNL-PSRO and a consultation timetable, saying that “every day with Ponta” undermines Romania’ chance for a new beginning, ziare.com informs.

“Time has no more patience with us. Domestic and international developments urgently require a strong Romania, armed with a new political and institutional model, with a revamped economic and social model. In short, a ‘New project for the country’ is needed, which 91 percent of the citizens request and the vote on November 16 makes it possible.

A new rule of the game cannot be done with people who practice grossly and persistently high-level corruption and bad governance,” the letter reads. “A new project for the country needs a new majority: in society, parliament and a partnership between the Romanian president and a new government. Every extra day with Victor Ponta at Victoria Palace is undermining Romania’s chance to have a true new beginning. Our parties are required to allow this chance for Romania and for the Romanians so that it is not wasted,” says the Social-Romanian Party (PSRO) president in the open letter sent on Tuesday.

It further informs that the National Standing Bureau of the Social Romanian Party has analyzed and identified both elements of convergence, as well as differentiations between the PSRO program and the Governance Program recently issued in the public space by PNL and decided “to start institutional consultations on major political, economic and social issues between PSRO and PNL. “From this perspective, we propose the establishment of a joint working group PNL-PSRO and a calendar of formalized consultations between our parties,” reads the message from Mircea Geoana.

In retort, PSD president Victor Ponta said that Geoana’s letter is clarifying things in politics. Ponta pointed out that it was clear since last year when PSD decided to break up with Geoana and Vanghelie that they had other political project, next to PNL.

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