Misu Negritoiu, by a hair of being sacked from the ASF helm

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The Parliament’s joint budget and economic committees on Monday voted to sack the president of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF), Misu Negritoiu, thus kicking off the revocation procedure. In retort, Negritoiu says that he cannot be legally dismissed, warning he will challenge a potential dismissal decision.

The ASF head refused to attend the committee’s meeting and sent MPs a letter arguing the limits of the control exerted by the Parliament on appointing and dismissing the ASF management “are patently restricted.”

“Subsequently, dismissing a member of the ASF leadership is not legally possible as long as he still meets the standards that underlay his appointment and any decision contrary to it is abusive, by defrauding the law and can be vetoed by the competent courts and authorities (…) ASF will defend its reputation and independence and will act accordingly, in the view of observing the legal provisions. As for me, I assure you that I don’t want to keep tight hold of any position and I don’t target any personal grounds either, and for that reason I strongly reject any insinuation made by some members of the Parliament’s special committees,” Negritoiu told the letter addressed to the Lower Chamber speaker, Florin Iordache.

The revocation proposal passed by an overwhelming majority, with the minorities’ deputy Aurel Vainer abstaining from voting. Liberal MP Constantin Dascalu didn’t vote.

The leader of the economic committee, Social Democrat deputy Mihai Tudose informed that the plenary sitting would most probably vote the revocation proposal next week.

“There is no legal ground that makes Negritoiu eternal, die hard,” Tudose argued, adding that the reasons to dismiss him are imputable to him and therefore he is not entitled to receive redundancy money.

His statement came after the Liberal deputy Andreea Paul had claimed that Misu Negritoiu refuses to resign for he wants severance pay mounting to over EUR 100,000.

Negritoiu’s dismissal topic came up after the scandal of the excessive raise of the RCA tariffs that sent transporters to protest in the street. Besides, the car services accused the ASF head that, after negotiating the insurances with the professional transports, he transferred part of the costs on the motorists.

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