Moise Guran gives up journalism for politics, to coordinate USR-PLUS electoral campaigns

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Journalist and business analyst Moise Guran has announced on Wednesday evening that he is giving up journalism for politics. He will coordinate the upcoming electoral campaigns for USR-PLUS Alliance.

“I inform you that I have decided to give up my journalistic career for good in order to assume a political role in this country“, Moise Guran announced live at Europa FM.

His decisions comes after several talks with the USR-PLUS leaders, Dan Barna and Dacian Ciolos. Guran has attended the USR National Bureau sitting today.

Guran will be part of the executive team that will manage the electoral campaigns of the Alliance for the local and parliamentary elections this year. The journalist has not taken the step to join USR yet, stating that he would like USR and PLUS form a single party.

“I want to be a member of USR-PLUS and when I came here I came to be sure that those from USR want to form a single party with PLUS. This alliance must govern Romania“, Guran said at the end of the meeting.

“The toughest decisions in a journalist’s career are when ethics clashes with deontology. Ethics is related to the common good of the society, while deontology refers to the rules of the profession. Theoretically, the rules of the journalism cannot conflict with the general interest of the society, precisely because those certain rules are designed to serve the society. And yet, things are always more complicated.

I will give you an example: a journalist is banned to call the people to the streets, for any kind of protests, particularly the political rallies, but what a journalist should do when the government is threatening the existence of democracy through its deeds?

Another example: a journalist is not forbidden to become a politician, but, if more and more journalists become politicians, then the general credibility of the guild is decreasing and the role of the mass media as watchdog of democracy is affected”, Moise Guran argued.

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