Moldovan president Dodon asks US, Romanian ambassadors in Chisinau ‘not to lesson him’

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Moldovan President Igor Dodon recommended the US and Romanian ambassadors in Chisinau not “to lesson the president of Republic of Moldova”, as retort to a letter that newspaper in Chisinau is assigning to the US and the Romanian ambassador, James D. Pettit and Daniel Ioniță.

The heads of the US and Romanian diplomatic missions in Chisinau sent a joint letter to the pro-Russian president Dodon after he had blocked the participation of the Moldovan military to a joint NATO exercise in Romania early this month, without previously informing the authorities in Bucharest about his decision.

Igor Dodon’s attitude “doesn’t reflect at all the substance, the commitment and the contributions endorsed by the USA and Romania to enhance the Republic of Moldova’s institutional capacities”, the two ambassadors wrote, denouncing the “unfriendly” attitude of the Moldova head of state. Ambassadors Ionita and Pettit warn Dodon that this way “the Moldova army will find impossible to provide a fitting training level,” reads the letter released by the at the end of last week.

In retort, Igor Dodon told the two foreign envoys that “the Republic of Moldova is an independent, sovereign state” and that “the Presidency will not accept comments from outside and interferences in its activity and in its decisions”.

Moreover, he asked the two ambassadors “not to lesson the president of the Republic of Moldova”. “I would like to see the reactions of the White House and of the Cotroceni Palace to a potential comment of this type, for instance, of the Moldovan ambassadors to Washington and Bucharest,” Dodon’s message further reads.

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