Moldovan President Dodon: Romanians risk turning into the Republic of Moldova’s no. 1 enemy

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Moldovan President Igor Dodon has stated on Monday that Romania might become “the Republic of Moldova’s no.1 enemy” if it “continues to support the unionist movement from Chisinau”, Radio Free Europe reports.

I think the first danger for the Republic of Moldova now is all that unionists are doing (…) A message to our colleagues in Romania who support such initiatives: I want them to be aware that by supporting such actions there is the major risk that Romanians become the Republic of Moldova’s no. 1 enemy. I am not joking now. By all they are doing…why are they snooping around? Over 70% of our citizens are against it (editor note: the union) and a hatred against all that is Romanian will appear,” Dodon told an interview to Radio Free Europe.

In his view, Bucharest is ‘silently’ supporting the unionism, which is harming the Romanian-Moldova relations that ‘might end up like the ones between Russia and Ukraine.’ Moreover, Dodon opined that the Romanian Parliament would lead “an aggressive” pro-unionist policy.

The situation is getting out of control and the consequences can be very serious. Unionists are worse than the separatists. Separatists are trying to divide a part of the country, unionists want to divide it totally,” the Moldovan president said.

Over 100 localities in the neighbouring republic of Moldova have recently signed a symbolic declaration endorsing the union with Romania, while other 100 localities fired back, signing declarations against the union.

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