Moldovan President Igor Dodon accuses Traian Basescu of ‘unionist propaganda’

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Moldovan President Igor Dodon says the “statements and actions” of former Romanian President Traian Basescu at the Extraordinary Congress of the National Unity Party (PUN) in Chisinau “confirm the socialists’ suspicions that a significant part of the political class In Bucharest wants the annihilation of Moldovan statehood.”

“By the statements and actions of Basescu, who had two terms as Romanian President, our suspicions that a significant part of the political class in Bucharest wants the annihilation of the Moldovan statehood is confirmed. Basescu is one of the most radical and ridiculous exponents of unionism, but he is not the only one. There are many like him. The propaganda campaign ‘Bessarabia – Romanian land’ was launched during Basescu’s term,” Dodon wrote in a post on his Facebook page, reports.

“All this unionist propaganda has greatly damaged the relations of confidence between Chisinau and Tiraspol. But this is one of the goals of the unionists – not to allow the ‘reunification of the Republic of Moldova’, because a “reunified” Moldova will not be annexed to Romania, and NATO troops will not be able to reach the Dniester River,” Dodon said.

In this context, he insisted on banning unionism and the responsibility of those who organize “campaigns and actions to annihilate the state of Moldova”, reports. Dodon wondered if Traian Basescu really wants to “make politics in the Republic of Moldova or to avoid criminal liability in Romania, where he has major problems related to corruption and abuse of power.”

Former Romanian president Traian Basescu was elected on Sunday, in Chisinau, honorary chairman of the newly set National Unity Party (PUN) in Republic of Moldova.

PUN was registered last week in court and is run by former defence minister Anatol Șălaru, one the strongest supporters of Moldova’s NATO integration.

In his speech in the Republic of Moldova, Basescu named Dodon as “Putin’s poodle” and accused him of pushing his country toward Russia.

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