Moldovan President, Igor Dodon: Union with Romania means civil war


The union of the Republic of Moldova with Romania would mean civil war, Moldovan President Igor Dodon said during the “Direct access” NTV Moldova talk-show, adding that he will not allow the liquidation of the Republic of Moldova.

“The union with Romania means civil war. We, the politicians who support the statehood, will not allow anyone to liquidate Republic of Moldova,” Igor Dodon said Thursday evening, according to his Facebook page.

“I admit that some forces, knowing that they will lose the elections, intentionally exploit this scenario, in the attempt to destabilize the situation, but they will not succeed in their intentions,” the Moldovan head of state added.

In order to solve the problem of unionism in a democratic way, Igor Dodon suggests the organization of a referendum in which the citizens should be asked what they want. “It is clear that the overwhelming majority will be for the preservation of the statehood, but let’s sort this out. Nevertheless, they will not accept such a referendum,” the president said, according to the ‘Timpul’ newspaper.

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