Money circuit financing PDL electoral campaigns investigated in Microsoft disjointed file


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The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) is investigating the financial circuit of the money used for financing the Democrat Liberal Party’s electoral campaigns in 2008 and 2009 in a disjointed file from the Microsoft case, reveals the indictment regarding the arraignment of Dorin Cocos and Nicolae Dumitru, former Communication minister and suspended mayor of Piatra Neamt Gheorghe Stefan.

“Defendant Gabriel Sandu’s statements and documents (invoices attesting the purchase of electoral stuff for PDL 2008-2009 electoral campaigns) show that the final beneficiary of the EUR 2.1 M bribe received from the indicters, businessmen Claudiu Floric and Dinu Pescariu, is the Democrat Liberal Party,” reads the indictment.

However, Gabriel Sandu himself reiterated during Tuesday’s new hearings at DNA that he paid for his political support in PDL and for his minister position, stating that all politicians accessing public positions have paid important sums of money and they wanted to recover them once they got these positions.

“I admit that I have accepted to finance the party and its actions in order to facilitate my political support and to maintain the position as minister, but also the position within PDL central leadership (….) all politicians accessing public positions paid important sums of money for this. Once he gets a public position, the politician embarks on recovering the money he paid (…)”, Sandu said.

The former minister went on saying that some politicians are managing “the recovery mechanisms” by themselves, by ‘organizing a certain auction, negotiating the commissions and settling their delivery manner’.

“For others, just like me, there is always well-wishers who are managing these levers. I had to bring the party 5 million euros, I brought the money from my personal legal funds and I partially recovered it. Practically, I had to contribute to the 2009 presidential campaign with 4 million euros. Knowing I don’t have these money, Dorin Cocos and Gheorghe Stefan, who had a particular interest in the Microsoft licenses contract, proposed me to conclude the contract in their own terms with the company supported by Claudiu Florica and they, in exchange, would pay 2 million euros at the party and to contribute at the presidential campaign with other two million euros, “ Sandu disclosed.

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