More and more conditions hanging over Orban Government. Why is USR insisting on early elections?

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After voting the censure motion that toppled down Dancila Government, USR, Pro Romania, UDMR and ALDE are now starting to condition a potential Liberal Cabinet led by Ludovic Orban.

USR is insisting more and more on early elections. According to a recording of an internal meeting  revealed by mass media, chairman Dan Barna told his party members that USR’s joining ruling would mean to validate PNL and the PSD’s potential comeback after a year.

If we join ruling now, we are just validating PNL. That’s why we must not ask two-three ministries from PNL, for they will give us anything. If we join their government and validate them, it means heaven on earth for them. It’s exactly what they want from us,” Barna said.

He thinks that USR would pay for the mistakes of a PNL ruling that might prove that nothing has changed in the society.

They will do things in the same style they are used to, it is predictable. Finger crossed to be a good style. But if they do things well, it will be thanks to PNL, regardless that we take two or three ministries. If things go badly, it will be obviously USR’s fault. Moreover, we’d join in a government as minority partners, although the recent elections showed us we are very close to them in rankings,” Barna further argued.

The USR leader explained he would rather stay with Dancila Cabinet for three more months and have early elections held in order to make sure PSD is out for a long period of time.

“I’d rather have Dancila Government in place for three more months than have PSD returning with Ponta and Tariceanu as mainstream (…) The society might get frustrated, saying: look, Iohannis named his people, but nothing changed. And PSD will come up again with a ruling programme and we’ll find out in one year that we are in the same ridiculous situation and talk about PSD being credited with 30%“, Barna said.

As for Pro Romania, its leader Victor Ponta says they have no interest to join ruling now and that they would like to stay in Opposition until 2024. However, he stressed there are little chances for Pro Romania to vote the Orban Cabinet, as negotiations after the no-confidence motion had a bad start.

On the other hand, ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu has an opposite stance from Ponta, although they teamed up to endorse the same presidential candidate, Mircea Diaconu.

Tariceanu announced that ALDE is willing to support Orban Government provided that the Liberal leader vows to maintain the sole taxing rate and to enforce the infrastructure projects that should link the country’s historical provinces. Tariceanu is also putting one more condition: PMP and Traian Basescu to not be included in the Liberal Gov’t.

In retort to their potential partners’ stances, Ludovic Orban has stated today, after the first round of negotiations with Pro Romania that, if one of the partners is not coming in Parliament to vote his Cabinet, negotiations can continue individually with independent MPs, even with PSD lawmakers who will understand the need of this action.

Orban said he had agree with Pro Romania on reducing the state subsidies for parties, adding that PNL is also open to early elections, but only following a precise agreement.

The PM-designate will also meet UDMR and ALDE representatives today.

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