Moscow threatens Republic of Moldova again with the “repetition of the Ukrainian scenario”


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The regime in Moscow is threatening Chisinau again with the “repetition of the Ukrainian scenario”, this time through the voice of the vice-president of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council, Andrei Klimov, reports. He also asked rhetorically if Maia Sandu wants to make the Republic of Moldova “a province of Romania, the most backward country in NATO”.

The reaction from Moscow came after the president Maia Sandu declared that, in the context of the war in Ukraine, a “serious discussion” is taking place in Chisinau about the opportunity to renounce the neutrality enshrined in the Constitution and join “a more military alliance broad”, according to an interview given to Politico. Maia Sandu refrained from naming a specific military alliance, but the publication captioned it with a question mark: “Is it time for NATO membership?“.

Russian Senator Andrei Klimov threatened the Republic of Moldova, implying that Ukraine’s problems began in 2014, after the announcement of Kyiv’s plans to join NATO. He claimed that Moldova risks repeating the “suicidal policy” of Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

“This lady is 50 years old. It means that he lived in the USSR until he was 20 years old. She should know our common history and should not entrust the fate of his people to the West. Those pro-American NATO members who right now need more cannon fodder to go to war with Russia on the battlefield. The Ukrainian population is decreasing every day, because of the care of Biden and the Europeans who serve him.And its economy, once the most prosperous in the USSR, is in ruins because of its NATO rulers. Is Sandu really so indifferent to Moldovans and so dependent on Washington that she is ready to repeat the suicidal policy of national traitors in Ukraine like Poroshenko and Zelensky?!” wrote Klimov on his Telegram channel, according to

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