Motion of censure vetoed, PM Ponta stays in power


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Liberals threaten with new no-confidence vote in autumn.

National Liberal Party’s motion of censure against Ponta Cabinet was vetoed on Friday’s plenary sitting in a vote by ballot, gathering only 194 votes out of those 278 necessary for the motion to pass. 13 votes were against the motion, while 7 votes were annulled.

The plenum sitting was attended by PM Victor Ponta and the members of his government.

The Social Democrat Party (PSD) and the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) only attended the session without voting as having previously announced. The only MP of the ruling coalition who went on casting his vote by now was premier Ponta.

For a motion of censure to pass, it would need 278 votes, meaning half plus one of the total number of lawmakers.

After the vote concluded, PM Ponta addressed the Parliament’s plenum, said that a has stated on Friday, to the plenum of the Parliament, that Romania needs stability in order to avoid a political crisis such as that of the Republic of Moldova.

“The problem is that our most important partner, Moldova, [has been] for months and still, apparently, will be in political instability, in financial and economic crisis, lacking prospects of European integration, [thus] an easy prey for those in the East who want to harm it. I am convinced that you do not want the same for Romania. I believe we can shelter Romania from a storm that has but one origin: the desire and hunger for power of those who have lost power through popular vote”, the PM said.

The Romanian PM also said the opposition proved it has to no parliamentary majority and so, the debate on this topic had been closed up. According to him, the Government must pursue its activity, as the country needs to be governed.

National Liberal Party co-chairperson Vasile Blaga had stated that the vote in favor of the motion of censure is a solution of maximum urgency for Romania’s national interest and has told Prime Minister Victor Ponta that he should learn from Moldova’s Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici who has resigned. “(…) Given the circumstances, a vote for the motion of censure becomes a matter of utmost urgency, a solution in favour of Romania’s national interest, Learn from Moldova’s prime minister, Mr prime minister!’ said Blaga.

In her turn, the co-chairperson of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Alina Gorghiu, appealed to the deputies and senators of parties in the governing coalition “to act like responsible persons”. In her opinion, Prime Minister Victor Ponta has no sort of legitimacy left, adding it was foolish from PNL to ever trust “this premier”, “a great mistake”.

“I assure you this autumn PNL will file a new motion of censure. We are an opposition party and our definite option is to remove this toxic Government for Romania,” Gorghiu heralded from the Parliament’s tribune.

In retort, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said the National Liberal Party (PNL) has no right to talk about legitimacy, adding that it is for the first time in the history of PNL when its national leader was appointed instead of elected to office.

The president of the Romanian Social Party (PSRO), Senator Mircea Geoana remarked that “it’s a national first” the fact that the acting premier is charged with corruption.

In their motion, the Liberals called for a withdrawal of confidence in the Government, arguing ‘the Ponta Cabinet has violated the Constitution, while committing unimaginable abuses.”

“The main reason why we believe you should withdraw your confidence in the incumbent Government is because it has mocked all that is sacred in a democracy, which is the right to cast ballots.’

Conservative senator lady displays Mickey Mouse coatanghel mickey

Conservative senator lady Cristiana Anghel wore a coat with Disney characters print during the motion debate and vote. Among the cartoon characters there were Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. “I bought it especially for this day. It was very cheap, it’s no brand at all and I said it suits me, in the day of the motion,” Anghel explained.

PC senator also brought a box of modelling clay, arguing it’s meant for the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) “repainted in Liberals’ colors”. Anghel also said PDL could take the clay “to set up as many government as it wants”.

Conservative Party is part of the ruling coalition, which supported PM Ponta in Parliament today.

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