MPs amend lower chamber’s regulation: verbal violence, bullying, banner displays banned. Live broadcast in the plenary confined


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The deputies debate in plenary sitting on Wednesday, the proposed amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Chamber, following the aggression of the AUR leader George Simion, against the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu. The Chamber of Deputies amended and completed the regulations of the Chamber. Thus, the use of physical violence consisting of aggressive gestures or verbal violence consisting of insults, insults or slander against another parliamentarian is prohibited. On the other hand, live broadcasts from the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies will be allowed, but only from the perimeter assigned to the respective parliamentary group.

The regulation was amended by 202 votes to 91 and four abstentions.

However, USR and AUR have announced that they will appeal the amendments to the Constitutional Court. They consider that this limits the transparency of parliamentary activity and that sanctions should not target an entire parliamentary group for an action taken by one of them. At the same time, they are dissatisfied with the provision regarding the withdrawal of staff and cars that benefit a parliamentary group if one of its representatives is violent or insults other colleagues.

AUR MP George Simion and  former AUR, now independent Senator Diana Şoşoacă harassed and trolled their parliamentary colleagues on Wednesday, whom they filmed on the phone during the debate and adoption of the draft amendment to the Chamber of Deputies regulations, which restricted live broadcasts in plenary. “Today is a sad day for democracy because you forbid us to film how our colleagues look on porn sites,” Simion said. “Not much of a parliament!“, Şoşoacă commented while filming the parliamentary debates.


The Procedure Committee had proposed to the plenary a ban on aggressive gestures and verbal violence, as well as on displaying  banners in the plenary hall.

Sanctions in these situations are the following: eviction from the hall, reduction of the allowance by up to 50% for a maximum of 6 months and in case of repeated violations withdrawal of staff and benefits. Also, live broadcasts from the plenary or committees are limited to the perimeter of which the filmmaker is a member. The press can film and record without restrictions.

The Procedure Committee of the Chamber of Deputies voted previously in the morning, before the plenary session, the amendments to the regulations, for the introduction of sanctions, in case of aggressions or insults.

During the meeting, the deputies insulted each other after the AUR co-president George Simion broadcast live on Facebook again. PSD group leader Alfred Simonis was disturbed by George Simion’s cameraman and addressed him: “Get your monkey out of here.”

At the end of the meeting, Simion shoved  with the USR deputy Bogdan Rădeanu, who accused him of trampling on his leg.”Unfortunately, we are being shut down,” Simion said after the committee vote, as he broadcast the talks live on his Facebook page.

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