MPs seek gimmicks to get rid of prison, criminal charges

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The legal committee of the Chamber of Deputies seems to be on the fast forward mood before Easter to adopt as many provisions as possible to find shelter against potential convictions or legal problems. After the legal committee has passed an amendment tabled by ruling Social Democrat Party on Tuesday proposing that people sentenced to prison for 5 years and less than 5 years should serve their jail time under house arrest or during the weekends, today the same committee has adopted another amendment stipulating that incompatibility and conflict of interest offenses are written off after 3 years.

So, the amendment on the statute of limitations in cases of conflict of interest and incompatibility mainly targeting the officials holding public positions, has been endorsed by the committee chairman, SocDem Eugen Nicolicea and has been submitted to a bill tabled by Catalin Radulescu, aka “AKM MP”. The amendment passed with the support of the majority consisting in PSD, ALDE, and UDMR.

Convicts with prison sentences of 5 and below 5 years might serve jail time at home or weekends

Another controversial amendment recently passed by the lower chamber’s legal committee says that people sentenced to five years in prison or less than five years will be able to serve prison time at home or on weekends in a special center. The amendments have been also tabled by the Social Democrats.

The amendments have been operated on three draft laws on the alternative measures to prison sentences. Although the initial draft laws had been initiated by the PNL and UDMR lawmakers, PSD has now submitted amendments, which were slammed by the Liberals, who argued that these are fundamentally changing their proposals.

So, the Social Democrats propose some alternative ways to serve the prison time: the convict might serve the jail time at home, or only on Saturday and Sunday in a center especially established, if we talk about prison sentences for 5 years or less than 5 years, except fro the cases of violent crimes.

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