MPs want to sack ASF head Misu Negritoiu

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The lawmakers will forward the proposal to start parliamentary actions to remove the president of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF), Misu Negritoiu for failing to manage the RCA premiums for large transport vehicles.

The leader of the Economic and Privatization Committee in the lower chamber, Florin Tudose announced that papers are under way to start the removal procedure.

“MPs from all political parties have explicitly asked for the ASF head’s honorary resignation and he refused and he even told us he wouldn’t. I propose to start the parliamentary procedure for removal,” said Liberal deputy Andreea Paul.

“Everybody is unhappy: the customers, the insurance companies, only you are content with it’s going on the insurance market. This situation must stop, you are completely out of your own depth (…) It’s a disaster. All you do is covering a hole with a bigger one (…) I will ask the plenary sitting to cast a removal vote, as soon as possible. One or two weeks. Mr. Negritoiu did his best, unfortunately it could do less, Social Democrat Mihai Tudose, leader of the committee, said.

In retort, the ASF head, Misu Negritoiu, stated that there is no insurance crisis in Romania and that he had nothing to reproach to himself.

“There are no miracle solutions. If not me, there will be somebody else who should do these things (…) I figured out that I am coming to a public execution when taking over the ASF leadership, but I didn’t do anything that I should have done,” Negritoiu argued in his defence.

He left the meeting without saying if he will resign or not.

The chairman of the committee said that the joint Economic Committee and the Budget-Finance committee would be convened to file a joint report that is to be tabled in the plenary sitting of the Parliament, which is to decide on Negritoiu’s removal.

A week ago, the Confederation of Operators and Certified Transporters in Romania (COTAR) rejected the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) proposal on the level of premiums amounting to RON 7,540 for the compulsory insurance policies (RCA) for vehicles of over 16 tonnes and recalls that the risk premium for this category is RON 2,011, while the remaining RON 5,949 represents administrative costs and the profit of insurance companies coming from RCA.

In this context, the confederation called for the resignation of ASF President Misu Negriţoiu, claiming he made it possible to ‘extort the transporters, the citizens’.

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