NATO, UN, EU top Romanians’ confidence chart on international bodies, poll reveals

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Army, Church and Gendarmerie ranked first on domestic institutions.


Romanians mostly trust the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The United Nations Organization (UN) and the European Union follow, on the international bodies’ section, says an INSCOP poll released on Tuesday.

According to the barometer, 60.7 percent of Romanians trust NATO much and very much, with the trust exceeding the 60 pc threshold for the first time compared to 55 pc in February.

UN ranks second as the most trusted international body, with 56.2 pc of Romanians having much and very much confidence. EU comes third, with 55.5 pc.

The European Commission ranks fourth by 50.2 pc, followed by the European Parliament — 48.3 pc.

The last places the Romanians trust much or very much are the World Bank by 39.2 pc and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) — 33 pc.

Regarding the domestic bodies, the Army, the Church and Gendarmerie top the confidence ranking.

The Army still keeps its first position, with 74.3 pc, although it slightly decreased compared to February, when it was 75 pc. The Church comes second- 62.3 pc with an even more decline (64 pc in February). The Gendarmerie ranks third (62 pc), with almost the same percentage as in February (62.5 pc).

The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) comes fourth. 61.4 pc of Romanians have much trust in the body fighting corruption and 58.9 pc trust DNA very much.

Presidency institution ranks fifth, with 50.6 percent, followed by SRI (50.3 pc).

For the first time, the barometer comprised the National Agency of Fiscal Administration (ANAF) in the confidence chart, the institution managing to benefit of 37.9 pc of the Romanians’ consideration.

Trade unions, employers’ associations, the Parliament and the political parties ranked last in the confidence chart.

The barometer was commissioned by Adevarul daily and conducted by Inscop Research during April 23 — 30.

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