Negotiations for appointing the European chief prosecutor – postponed. Tajani claims further support for Kovesi

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The fourth round of negotiations on Wednesday, for the appointment of the European chief prosecutor, between the European Council and the European Parliament, has failed to reach a conclusion. No agreement has been reached and it will be on the agenda of the next European Parliament after the elections on May 23-26.

A press officer for the European Parliament said on Wednesday that the European Parliament delegation has decided to give up a new round of negotiations with the European Council, no agreement has been reached. The new members of the European Parliament, in the next term, will resume the procedure from scratch or will continue the negotiations based on the current mandate, he said.

Three rounds of negotiations took place between the European Parliament representatives and the European Council, on March 20, March 27 and April 4.

Thus, most likely the next European Parliament and the European Council will choose between Laura Codruta Kovesi and Francois Bohnert (France). The European Parliament will have the last session of this term next week in Strasbourg.

On the other hand, MEP Siegfried Muresan claims the negotiations failed due to the inflexibility of the European Council, adding that if the talks do not resume by April 18, the negotiations will be postponed until after the elections.

Tajani further supports Kovesi

European Parliament President has reconfirmed on Wednesday the support for Laura Codruta Kovesi and that he is not going to make steps back in the negotiations with the European Council.

“As you know, our position is very clear. The European Parliament supports the Romanian candidate Laura Codruta Kovesi. Of course, the debate is open, but we are not going to change our position,” the President of the European Parliament said on Wednesday in Brussels, according to

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