New Bucharest mayor Nicusor Dan reveals option for Sunday’s elections

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Nicușor Dan has revealed his political option for the parliamentary elections due on Sunday, December 6, announcing he will vote for the National Liberal Party (PNL). “My option for the Sunday’s vote is PNL. I consider that a strong PNL Government is the best option Romania currently has. Even if I am USR’s founder, I very honestly consider that PNL is the best option for Romania at this moment“, the Bucharest mayor Nicusor Dan said.
Dan, who was endorsed in the campaign for the Bucharest city hall by the Liberals and by USR-PLUS, said that PNL has the most solid ruling programme and the best proposal for PM, Ludovic Orban.
He (Ludovic Orban) is a trustworthy, high-profile person, who keeps his word, he is loyal to the others, he is preoccupied to solve issues”, the Capital mayor said.

He added he has a good relationship with the PM and that he will manage to carry out the things he proposed as general mayor next to the Liberals.

I am not saying that the political class is wonderful. But there is one common sense thing: we have important elections, we have a huge opportunity for growth and welfare and PNL is the party most trained to capitalize this opportunity”, Nicusor Dan concluded, urging Bucharesters to come to polls on Sunday.


One of Nicusor Dan’s former colleagues from USR has though taunted the Bucharest mayor for revealing his sympathy for PNL. USR senator Florina Presada has slammed the statements that PNL and Ludovic Orban are the best options for governance. “Nicusor, blink twice if Ludovic leaves your piggy bank empty”, Presada said.

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