New measures to cap prices and offset energy and gas bills adopted


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The government approved on Tuesday, a new set of support measures in energy and natural gas, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca announced.

Thus, for the population no one will pay more than 0.80 lei / kWh of electricity and 0.31 lei / kWh for natural gas. (ed. regardless of consumption).

For household consumers, with a consumption of up to 500 kWh of electricity or 300 cubic meters of natural gas, a maximum of 0.68 lei / kWh will be paid for electricity and 0.22 lei / kWh for natural gas with all taxes included.

At today’s government meeting, we will approve a new set of measures to support the citizens and the economy, so that we can contribute to maintaining jobs and carrying out economic activities in a competitive manner. Thus, for energy, no one will pay more than 0.8 bani per kilowatt/hour for electricity and 0.31 bani per kilowatt/hour for natural gas, regardless of consumption,” PM Ciuca said at the beginning of the meeting.

As for the non-household consumers and the food industry, prices are to be capped  at 1 lei / kWh for electricity and 0.37 lei / kWh for natural gas. A dedicated state aid scheme is already active for the central heating-and-power plants.

The measures will come into force from February 1 till March 31.

The adoption of the emergency ordinance comes after tensions arose between PSD and PNL regarding the period of application of the emergency ordinance. The Minister of Energy, a Liberal, announced that the ceilings and compensation will be applied from February 1, while the Social Democrats have asked to enforce them retroactively for January as well.

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