New military ordinance: Exports of cereals, sugar, oil, biscuits banned. Suspension of flights to and from Spain extended by 14 more days

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Interior Minister Marcel Vela has announced a new military ordinance on Thursday evening, the eighth, with further restrictions to come in force within the curfew in place in Romania due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, the new ordinance says that exports of wheat, barley, oats, corn, rice, wheat flour, soybeans, seed oil and sugar, but also of biscuits are to be suspended during the state of emergency.

At the same time, during the state of emergency, sales of the majority blocks of sales of the energy companies are suspended, regardless of the form of ownership.


The ordinance also allows the suspension of commercial flights to and from Spain to be extended starting April 14 for 14 more days.

We have extended the measure of suspending commercial flights carried out by airline operators to Spain and from Spain to Romania on a 14-day period, starting April 14. The measure does not apply to flights operated with state-owned aircraft, freight and mail carrier flights, humanitarian flights or those ensuring emergency medical services, as well as non-commercial technical landings,” minister Vela explained.

He added that the measure might be enforced if the prerogative in the area of the interior minister is maintained in the decree on extension of the state of emergency.

Moreover, the authorities decided that all air flights will be authorised by the Transports Ministry from now on, to avoid such situations as the one in Cluj where almost 2,000 people from Transylvania and Moldavia had queued in the parking of the Cluj Airport to take charters to leave for seasonal agricultural works in Germany.


However, the 8th ordinance also includes some relaxation measures, allowing fishing (for authorized fishermen) and giving also green light for beekeepers and for the car repair shops.

The food market will also remain open during the state of emergency, strictly for the farmers who present a certificate of agricultural producer.


At the same time, during the curfew, the suspension of the nursing homes’ activities is banned, that including for elderly, children, adults, disabled people, as well as for other vulnerable categories. The ordinance compels the staff of the nursing homes to work in shifts and to stay in isolation at work for 14 days, followed by isolation at home for another 14 days. In case of resignation, the notice is 45 days. Visits in nursing homes are forbidden and all people admitted in these shelters will be tested for COVID-19,

This provision comes after more elderly got infected with coronavirus in several nursing homes in the country, but also following the case of a nursing home for elderly in Ramnicu Valcea, which has been closed and where those 70 elderly had to find shelter at their relatives.


Message for Diaspora

In his turn, the Head of the Romanian Police, Bogdan Despescu, addressed to the Romanians in Diaspora not to come home for Easter, even it’s hard to stay away from parents and relatives during this time of the year. The police chief said that if they come home now, they will not be able to spend the Easter with their families anyway ,as they will quarantined for 14 days.

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