Nicusor Dan accuses Gabriela Firea of halting payment of money for disabled

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The mayor-elect of Bucharest Nicusor Dan has accused Gabriela Firea that she had stopped the payment of financial incentives for the disabled adults in Bucharest.

On Tuesday, the Bucharest General Direction of Social Assistance has announced that the payment of financial incentives for disabled had been delayed due to the lack of funds.

“Gabriela Firea has stopped the payment of the financial incentive for the disabled adults in Bucharest. Meaning she has done precisely what she was accusing us of during the electoral campaign, in a lying way. Cynicism and a mock until the last day of mandate-this is what Bucharesters are getting from the general mayor still in office.

Immediately after I am officially taking the office of general mayor, I will take care of this problem, and the beneficiaries of the financial incentive will get their money they are entitled to. No beneficiary of this social payment will get hurt because of the incompetence and of the mockery of the current leadership of the city hall. In exchange, the political clients of PSD, people abusively screwed to positions and beneficiaries of political contracts will be held accountable”, Nicusor Dan said in a Facebook post.

In retort, Gabriela Firea said that Nicusor Dan is lying and that the issues with the payment is caused by the Liberal rulers.

“The financial incentives for disabled children, worth RON 1,000 per month are already paid. The incentives fort he disabled adults, RON 500 per month, were usually paid on the last day of the month or in the first days of the next month, depending on the financial situation. It is a difficult financial situation, to which Mr. Orban (the PM) and Mr. Citu (the Finance minister) have fully contributed. They are Mr. Nicusor’s friends, they have diminished the monthly quota of the income tax allotted to the Capital City Hall and who have accepted no type of financial recovery that we proposed, namely to approve a loan from the Treasury or from a private bank. It is an odious conduct against Bucharesters, just to politically punish me!“, Firea posted on Facebook.

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