Nicusor Dan cannot take over his Bucharest mayor seat as it is challenged by PSD in court

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Nicușor Dan the mayor-elect of Bucharest, has announced in a press conference on Thursday that cannot take over its mayor seat in Bucharest and he will not be able to swear in, because his term has been challenged in court by 52 people, most of them former and current PSD councilmen.

We’ll have to wait at least one more week to take the mayor office at the Bucharest City Hall because of the PSD’s irresponsible attitude”, Nicusor Dan said, explaining that “ridiculous reasons” are invoked in the referral. He said that the Social Democrats are talking about “electoral fraud”, “in the same conspiracy style that PSD have accustomed us in the past years”.

The Bucharest mayor-elect added that those 52 appeals filed in court against him are “copy paste” and they all “included grammar mistakes”.

“More no less they ask for the resuming of the local election in Bucharest, can you believe it?”

Dan pointed out that, after the 2016 elections, Gabriela Firea was validated as Capital General mayor in the 17th day, and he is in the 26th day after elections and his validation will be delayed at least one week.

Nicusor Dan said that the file’s first hearing at the Bucharest Court of Appeal is due on Monday, October 26, one month after the local elections, September 27.

He accused Firea of cowardice, for making her subordinates sign these complaints, but not signing herself.

The mayor-elect added that one of the reasons for which his inauguration is delayed is “the octopus of interests”, in the Capital City Hall.

Dan further said that a hard winter is “deliberately” prepared for the Bucharesters, reminding that Gabriela Firea is still mayor at this moment and she should be the one to be addressed for the lack of “hot water” in the Capital.


“Bucharest has huge issues waiting to be solved, with the most urgent being the ones related to the coronavirus crisis, the district heating and the financial collapse. Under these circumstances, the validation of my term as Bucharest mayor has been challenged in court by 52 people, mostly former and current PSD councilmen,”  Dan had previously stated in a Facebook post on Wednesday, accusing PSD that it is not interested in solving these issues, but only in delaying him from taking over his mayor seat.

They probably need some extra days to delete any traces and to solve the requests made by some <friends>“, Dan added.

“As for Gabriela Firea, you remember, before elections, how she categorically claimed that she was not holding on the mayor seat? As she proved she doesn’t know how to lose, the same way Gabriela Firea doesn’t manage to leave the mayor office with dignity“, Nicusor Dan said.

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