Nicuşor Dan to run for new term as USR chairman at the Congress


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Save Romania Union (USR) Chairman Nicuşor Dan has announced on Monday that he will run for re-election at the next congress of the party.

“I confirm I will run. At the meeting of the National Bureau, together with the presidents of the regional branches, we have set a schedule: from April 1 to 30 for submitting all applications, probably most of them will be at end of the interval, and for the office of chairman and all other positions – Vice-chairmen, members of the National Bureau, of the ethics committee,” Nicuşor Dan said after being asked if he will run at the Congress.

He said he has not filed his candidacy officially and is working on a platform of what USR must like be in the coming years.

In connection with the possibility that Clotilde Armand files her candidacy, he said that “any competition is welcome.”

“Until now I did not see on the internal forum another candidate,” added Nicuşor Dan.

According to the USR leader, a new meeting of the National Bureau with the branch presidents will take place on April 22, to discuss options to amend the party’s statute and the method of organizing the elections at the Congress. “We’ll also talk about how the elections will be conducted, but most likely, as far as I see now, is excluded the possibility of candidacies by teams,” Nicuşor Dan added.

The USR Congress will take place on May 12.

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