No. 2 in the ruling PSD voices doubt over new PM-designate. Alleged tensions in the local branches


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The second high-ranking official in the Social Democrat Party, executive chairman Niculae Badalau abstained from voting in the Executive Committee sitting which validated Mihai Tudose for the PM position.

Badalau revealed that he had a doubt regarding Tudose’s magnitude to run a Government.“I had and I still have a doubt regarding Mr. Tudose’s magnitude to run a Government. We have an extremely good ruling programme for the Romanians, we have a president, Mr. Dragnea, whom I fully support, but I had a doubt on the premier,” Badalau said, adding that Liviu Dragnea would be the most competent premier.

Moreover, it seems that there are more Social Democrat members who don’t trust the PM-designate, while others are discontent with his choices regarding the ministers. Digi 24 reported that more party leaders from Moldova were the most discontent of all.

In retort, PSD chair Liviu Dragnea said there are no tensions in the local organizations. “On the contrary. We are discussing together and with each organization. It will be a very serious debate,” Dragnea said.

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