No Coalition Consensus on Bucharest Mayor Candidate, Joint Runs in 3 Districts

Gabriela Firea, angry.


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Coalition leaders made no decision on Thursday regarding the candidacy for the Mayor of Bucharest. According to sources, PSD and PNL leaders agreed on joint candidacies for three districts in Bucharest – 1, 2, and 5. Talks will resume early next week.

The President of the PSD National Council, Vasile Dîncu, stated that the plan for a joint candidate for the Mayor of Bucharest continues, suggesting “an independent candidate, positioned somewhere between PSD and PNL, would be suitable.” He also mentioned that it would not be wise for either Gabriela Firea (PSD) or Sebastian Burduja (PNL) to run for Mayor of Bucharest, as they would not receive votes from the other party’s electorate.

The spokesperson of the PSD, Lucian Romaşcanu, also stated on Thursday that within the coalition, the best political option is still that of having a common candidate for the Capital City Hall. Thus, Gabriela Firea is removed from the list, with whom the social democrats will enter the race for PMB only if PNL and PSD have separate candidates.

Gabriela Firea, the former PSD mayor of Bucharest, lashed out against SocDem chair Marcel Ciolacu for not picking her up to run again for the Capital city.

How my candidacy is being kicked now, by which I would certainly have sent Mr. Nicușor Dan home, the leaders of the Coalition will have to give explanations. For political reasons, it seems that every option is being sought, as long as I am not I’m a candidate”, Gabriela Firea declared. She claimed that Marcel Ciolacu “did not fight enough” for her candidacy.

“I don’t know the reason. I can only suspect…” said Firea, who emphasized that she is a social democrat and “will remain so”.

Regarding polls in which Cristian Popescu Piedone is in first place, Firea declared that “in all correct polls” she is in first place in the electorate’s options, “between 33-35%”. What was presented differently, I have information that there are manipulated figures, to put pressure on the big parties.. “, she added.

PSD and PNL would go for joint candidacy in districts 1, 2 and 5. Sebastian Burduja is endorsed by PNL to run for the City Hall of District 1, and Rareș Hopincă is supported to run for the City Hall of Sector 2, according to the discussions in the Coalition.

For District 5, currently led by Cristian Popescu Piedone, no decision has been made, but the social democrats and liberals would intend to nominate a person who has no ties to the current mayor of the sector.

Regarding the names of an independent running for the position of mayor of the Capital, sources claim that the liberals would have proposed Cătălin Cîrstoiu, the manager of the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital. Cîrstoiu would not have given a clear answer, but, according to the cited sources, he would think about the proposal.

PSD presented an analysis according to which the mayor of sector 4, Daniel Băluță, could collect votes both from Cristian Popescu Piedone, but also from the PNL electorate and could win the Capital City Hall over Nicușor Dan. However, the Social Democrats did not receive Daniel Băluță’s consent to run.
Talks between PSD and PNL leaders will resume early next week.
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