No criminal convicted people in public offices. USR begins collecting signatures to amend the Constitution

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The Save Romania Union (USR) calls on citizens and civic organizations to join a citizens’ initiative in order to amend the Constitution, party chairman Dan Barna has announced on Wednesday.

According to USR leader Dan Barna, the aim of this Initiative is to collect 500,000 signatures so that the Constitution bans the possibility for people with criminal problems to hold public offices., informs.

Dan Barna gave examples of countries such as Estonia, Denmark, Poland, Luxembourg, where this principle reportedly exists, showing that in Romania the Romanians’ desire that criminal convicted people no longer work in the public apparatus was expressed during the street protests this year.

The lawyers of USR have drawn up a new article for the Romanian Constitution, which states that “citizens sentenced by final judgments to prison sentences for intentional offenses cannot be elected in the local public administration bodies, in the Chamber of Deputies, in the Senate and in the office of President of Romania,” the USR communiqué shows.


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