Olguta Vasilescu sanctioned for discriminating statement against President Iohannis

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The National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) has sanctioned former PSD minister Olguta Vasilescu by warning for her statements addressed to President Klaus Iohannis. She said about the President that “as a German, to talk about gas chamber, you must have a lot of courage”.

CNCD has been notified by USR senator Vlad Alexandrescu over this issue.

“Finally, CNCD decided to sanction Olguta Vasilescu for her stupendous statement about the German ethnic made after the Diaspora protest of August 20, 2018. The same Olguta Vasilescu who was paying homage in the 2000s to marshal Ion Antonescu from the Chamber of Deputies tribune”, Alexandrescu posted on Facebook.

It is not the first stance Vasilescu has taken against President Iohannis. She also said that Klaus Iohannis “probably sees himself chief of concentration camp” where Social Democrats would be imprisoned for re-education. The statement was made after the head of state had repeatedly said that he is at war with PSD.

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