Ombudsman retorts to petition asking for his resignation: „Poor people who don’t know what’s all about”


Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea dismissed as illegitimate the civil society’s requests for his resignation after notifying the Constitutional Court over the Law 90/2001 banning from joining the government the individuals convicted in criminal files.

The NGOs representatives teamed up for a petition for which 100,000 signatures has been raised asking for Ciorbea’s resignation. In retort, the Ombusdman says the petition is the initiative of some people who are not well informed.

Poor people who don’t know what is all about and had no patience nor the interest to read the exception I drafted,” the Ombusdman commented on Tuesday.

Ciorbea’s move to notify the Constitutional Court over the ban of convicted persons to join the gov’t positions was rabidly slammed by the civil society and by the Presidency, with voices arguing the Ombudsman’s action is just targeting to smooth SocDem chairman Liviu Dragnea’s path to a potential PM position.

No responsible, good faith person who read that exception, couldn’t and cannot be disturbed by the fact that all who are part of the three state powers should meet the same high morality and correct conditions to take those public dignity offices. Therefore, all those speaking and giving lessons of morality and constitutionality haven’t even looked into that unconstitutionality exception. They’d better read first the exception and then comment on it,” Ciorbea said.

Many are disturbed that the number of petitions has increased since I am Ombudsman, that the number of hearings and reports have increased, that I am taking care of those imprisonned, that all have rights that must be observed. I have filed many notifications, requests for inquiries, which is annoying for some people,” he added.

Asked if the notification to the CCR might have an opposite effect, meaning to decide that criminally convicted persons should not be part of the gov’t by any means, Victor Ciorbea underlined that he had basically asked for the same legal treatment for all those who have leading positions in the three state powers.

100,000 signatures have been raised so far to have Ciorbea dismissed.

Mr. Ciorbea, we are discontent with the way you do your duty, giving so less attention to the citizens and so much attention to the politicians who have been charged or sentenced for various crimes. We ask you to step down to give place to somebody who is placing a premium on the citizen’s interest. Mr. lawyer, you are fired!” reads the petition launched last Thursday.

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