Opposition calls for investigation committee and extraordinary Parliament session. Chamber Speaker Dragnea delegates attributions, request denied

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The opposition parties have gathered signatures to call for an extraordinary Chamber of Deputies session, following the violent events on August 10, but the Chamber of Deputies Speaker, Liviu Dragnea, has delegated his attributions, for one day, to one of the deputy speakers. However, the Standing Bureau has rejected the request on various reasons.

Deputy speaker Carmen Mihalcescu, who is replacing Dragnea, argued that the extraordinary session of the Parliament cannot be convened for the request doesn’t observe the Chamber regulation and some signatures of the deputies are either “different” or “copied”.

She said that some MPs could not physically sign the petition as they were on holiday abroad. “Other signatures have been copied from a previous draft law,” she added.

PNL Chairman, Ludovic Orban, argued that Liviu Dragnea “has made a supreme gesture of cowardliness and lack of responsibility” by revealing that deputy speaker Carmen Mihailescu, the person delegated to replace Dragnea for one day at the helm of the Chamber of Deputies, is in fact the wife of Horia Mihalcescu, Dragnea’s adviser.

PNL Deputy, Dan Vilceanu, claims that Dragnea “has violated the Chamber of Deputies regulation.” Vilceanu announces that, if the Chamber speaker Liviu Dragnea doesn’t convene the extraordinary session required by the PNL, USR and PMP lawmakers, the Liberals will file a criminal complaint against him for abuse of office on Wednesday.

In his turn, the leader of USR deputies, Claudiu Nasui, said that non-recognition of signatures from the request for an extraordinary session represents a dangerous precedent in the history of the Romanian Parliament.

Practically, they decided to not recognize certain signatures and, ironically, they don’t recognize my own signature,” Nasui said.

PMP chairman, Eugen Tomac, said that the denial of the Chamber of Deputies leadership to summon the extraordinary session is increasing the suspicion that PSD has been involved in the instigators’ infiltrating in the crowd during the Diaspora rally.

PNL, PMP and USR filed, on August 14, a request to summon an extraordinary parliamentary session during August 20-24 to the Chamber of Deputies. The opposition parties have gathered the needed signatures, according to the regulation, and want to initiate an investigation committee and to file a simple motion against Interior Minister Carmen Dan.

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