Opposition faces blockage, PNL and USR hesitate on censure motion. Tough retorts between Orban and Barna

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Several days after the European Parliament election lost by PSD, the much talked about censure motion seems to be in standby. The Viorica Dancila cabinet still has the majority to survive, whereas the opposition parties are divided and face blockage in negotiations. Nobody seems to want to have the government for the moment.

The nomination of PNL leader Ludovic Orban for Premier is strongly denied by many sides. Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta said on Thursday for digi24.ro his party will not vote for a cabinet led by Orban, although his party would vote for the dismissal of Dancila Government.

A censure motion needs 233 votes, given that PSD and ALDE have 230 seats and PNL + USR have 119 seats. UDMR has 30 seats, PMP – 17, Pro Romania – 18, Independents – 10, minorities – 17.

All together the opposition and others could reach 211 votes, so they need negotiations with ALDE representatives or social-democrats.

PNL’s Orban says negotiations are on for filing censure motion

PNL chairman Ludovic Orban (photo 1) said on Thursday, for hotnews.ro, that PNL has started the negotiations to file a censure motion by the end of this parliamentary session, but the procedure is very complicated. Early elections could take place after the presidential elections.

“You cannot leave PSD-ALDE burn the country, out of political calculations; I do not join the governance not to get eroded. You have to stop them from destroying the country, not to turn the country astray, to prevent them leading us to the precipice,” Orban said.

  • Romanians have decided not to be led by corrupt people. There’s revolt against everything the current coalition has done;
  • We are ready to take over governance, the main objective is to gather a majority able to topple the current governance;
  • We constantly communicate with President Iohannis;
  • We will file a criminal complaint against Foreign Minister Melescanu;
  • The opposition will have a common candidate for the position of Ombudsman;
  • 10,000 young people have joined PNL;
  • Regarding relations with USR – on the day the President announced referendum, USR announced it will have its own candidate for the presidential office. What shall we do?

USR’s Barna says people are tired of Orban’s opportunistic steps

USR leader Dan Barna said on Thursday, for hotnews.ro, that the USR-PLUS Alliance was born because Romanians are tired of Ludovic Orban’s opportunistic steps. The statement comes as PNL’s Orban said the alliance is considering having its own candidate for presidential election.

“We are consistent with our message, to have own candidates for all elections. Orban seems surprised. We haven’t changed anything. (…) People want consistent and predictable policy,” Barna said.

In turn, PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos, former Prime Minister, said one quarter of the electorate has voted for USR-PLUS, so PNL cannot reproach their own candidate.

Asked about a fight between USR-PLUS and PNL, Dan Barna said: “Imagine a second round for presidency with people to choose between Iohannis and the Alliance’s candidate. Politics does not mean fights and clubs.”


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