Opposition files draft to amend Chamber of Deputies regulation to dismiss speaker Liviu Dragnea

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After Liberal chairman Ludovic Orban was mentioning early this week the intention to start the dismissal procedures for Liviu Dragnea from the office of Chamber of Deputies Speaker, the opposition parties and the independent deputies have filed today a draft to amend the Chamber of Deputies regulation to enable Dragnea’s dismissal. According to the proposal made by PNL, USR and PMP, the Chamber speaker could be sacked if a third of the deputies want that.

According to the regulation in force now, the Chamber speaker can be revoked only by the parliamentary group that had proposed him for this position, meaning the Social Democrat Party group.

National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman, Ludovic Orban, has announced on Monday that the liberals have decided to start the procedures to dismiss Liviu Dragnea from the Chamber’s helm.

The reasons behind this initiative are related to the serious image damage to the Parliament of Romania, by keeping a citizen such as Dragnea on the Chamber of Deputies top position, a person twice criminally sentenced, who is terribly perceived and who does nothing else but deteriorate the image of a fundamental institution of the Romanian state, such as the Parliament.

Our request is based on issues of violating the constitution, the chamber’s regulation, such as the refusal to summon an extraordinary session although the procedures had been completed, public positions at international level involving the Chamber of Deputies without a Parliament decision and the substitution of the Chamber of Deputies by Liviu Dragnea,” Orban said on Monday.

Former PSD leader and PM, Victor Ponta , now leader of Pro Romania party, said on Tuesday they are willing to join the action to sack Dragnea. In his view, there are many anti-Dragnea deputies inside PSD. Ponta said that the vote of 10-15 Social Democrats is still needed to have the necessary majority to change the regulation.

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