Opposition might file censure motion on the first day of the new parliamentary session

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The Opposition parties might file a censure motion right from day one of the new parliamentary session starting on February 1, Liberal senator Alina Gorghiu told RFI on Friday. She says that “all this dark cloud that will pour hail over the rule of law could be stopped only if PSD stopped ruling”.

At this point, the most important trigger (for PSD) is President Iohannis, otherwise they would have all state power at their hand. Of course, there are always the options to refer these emergency ordinance to the Ombudsman, there is also the censure motion if we want this Cabinet to be toppled down, even the referendum option, a tool at the President’s hand”, Gorghiu said.

The PNL senator would like the Opposition to join forces, arguing there will be a reaction from the Presidency and from the civil society of the emergency ordinances on judiciary are adopted. “Either they adopt these ordinances or not, in politics, the attempt of his kind must be severely punished and a reaction is needed,” Gorghiu said, adding that the entire Opposition must be “on the same page”. A coalition-building process is needed when it comes to the roadmap on judiciary, she says.

I also assume the proposal to file a censure motion right from the day on of the new parliamentary session, either a simple motion, for I expect this kind of Ordinance every day (…) Mr. Toader keeps mentioning the ordinance on the five-judge panels, on amending the criminal codes. If these ordinances that attack the rule of law are adopted, I don’t see other solution than drafting a censure motion (…) PSD can be stopped from ruling provided that Romania’s Parliament passes a censure motion,” Gorghiu concluded.

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