Opposition parties, new attempt to dismiss Liviu Dragnea from the lower chamber’s helm


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The Opposition parties have resumed the offensive to dismiss Liviu Dragnea from the position of Chamber of Deputies speaker on Monday. The Opposition representatives are asking for Dragnea’s recall in the lower chamber’s Standing Bureau, otherwise they threaten with boycotting the plenary sitting due to start at 4 p.m.

The Liberals have tabled the request on Dragnea’s revocation, but also the dismissals of the other Social Democrat vice-presidents of the Chamber of Deputies-Florin Iordache and Eugen Nicolicea – on the agenda.

The Liberals argue that if PSD refuses to put their request on the agenda of the sitting, they will boycott the sitting of the Chamber of Deputies.

Last week, the ruling majority in Parliament failed to have quorum in the Opposition’s absence, there have been only 148 votes as against the 165 needed ones, so no conditions have been met for a plenary sitting to be convened.

Liberal first vice-president Raluca Turcan has asked in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies last Wednesday for Liviu Dragnea’s revocation from the speaker position. PNL has also asked for the revocation of Florin Iordache from the chamber’s vice-president position.

Turcan has asked that the plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies should be led by Marilen – Gabriel Pirtea (PNL), and not by Florin Iordache.

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